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AEC-Q automotive specification verification

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As an accepted test specification for automotive-level electronic components in the world, AEC-Q has become a symbol of the quality and reliability in automotive components. AEC-Q certification tests of electronic components plays an important role in improving product competitiveness and quickly entering the supply chain.

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As the only one agency of third-party metrology and test in China that has capabilities of issuing complete AEC-Q100、AEC-Q101、AECQ102、AECQ103、AEC-Q104、AEC-Q200 qualification reports, GRGT has issued a series of authoritative and credible AEC-Q reliability test reports. At the same time, GRGT has a team of experts with more than ten years of experience in the semiconductor industry, who can analyze the failed products in the AEC-Q verification process and assist companies with product improvement and upgrading according to the failure mechanism.

Integrated circuits, discrete semiconductors, optoelectronic semiconductors, MEMS devices, MCMs, passive electronic components including resistors, capacitors, inductors and crystal oscillators

Test standards

AEC-Q100 for IC mainly

AEC-Q101 for BJT, FET, IGBT, PIN, etc.

AEC-Q102 for LED, LD, PLD, APD, etc.

AEC-Q103 for MEMS microphone, sensor, etc.

AEC-Q104 for Multi-chip models, etc.

AEC-Q200 resistors, capacitors, inductors and crystal oscillators, etc.

Test items

Test type

Test items

Parameter tests

Functional verification, electrical performance parameters, optical parameters, thermal resistance, physical dimensions, avalanche tolerance, short-circuit characterization, etc.

Environmental stress tests

High temperature operating life, high temperature reverse bias, high temperature gate bias, temperature cycling, high temperature storage life, low temperature storage life, autoclave, highly accelerated stress test, high temperature and high humidity reverse bias, wet high

temperature operating life, low temperature operating life, pulse life, intermittent operating life, power temperature cycling, constant acceleration, vibration, mechanical shock, drop, fine and gross leak, salt spray, dew, hydrogen sulfide, flowing mixed gas, etc.

Process quality evaluation

Destructive physical analysis, terminal strength, resistance to solvents, resistance to soldering heat, solderability, wire bond shear, wire bond pull, die shear, lead-free test, flammability, flame resistance, board flex, beam load, etc.


Electrostatic discharge human body model, electrostatic discharge charged device model, high temperature latch-up, room temperature latch-up

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