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Failure Analysis

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With the shortening of the R&D cycle of the enterprise and the growth of the manufacturing scale, the company’s product management and product competitiveness are facing multiple pressures from domestic and foreign markets. During the entire life cycle of the product, the product quality is guaranteed, and the low failure rate or even zero Failure becomes an important competitiveness of an enterprise, but it is also a challenge for enterprise quality control.


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Service Introduction

Resetting faulty products to zero is the key to continuously iteratively improving product quality. Device-level and micro-level fault location and cause analysis for faulty products are also the significant approach to shorten product development cycles and reduce quality risks.

Focusing on integrated circuit failure analysis technology, GRGT has been equipped with an industry-leading expert team and advanced failure analysis equipment, providing customers with complete failure analysis and testing services, assisting manufacturers locating failures quickly and accurately and finding the root causes of each failure. At the same time, GRGT has the capability to meet the R&D requirements from customers, accepting failure analysis consultation under different applications, assisting customers carrying out experimental planning, and providing analysis and testing services, such as cooperating with customers to carry out NPI process verification, and assisting customers completing batch failure analysis in mass production phase (MP).

Service Scope

Electronic components, discrete devices, electromechanical devices, cables and connectors, microprocessors, programmable logic devices, memory, AD/DA, bus interfaces, general digital circuits, analog switches, analog devices, microwave devices, power supplies etc.

Test standards

1. NPI failure analysis consultation and program formulation

2. RP/MP Failure Analysis & Scheme Discussion

3. Chip-level failure analysis (EFA/PFA)

4. Failure analysis of reliability test

Test items

Service type

Service items

Non-destructive analysis

X-Ray, SAT, OM visual inspection

Electrical characteristics/electrical location analysis

IV curve measurement, Photon Emission, OBIRCH, ATE test and three-temperature (room temperature/low temperature/high temperature) verification

Destructive analysis

Plastic de-capsulation, delamination, board-level slicing, chip-level slicing, push-pull force test

Microscopic analysis

DB FIB section analysis, FESEM inspection, EDS micro-area element analysis

About Us

GRG Metrology & Test Group Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: GRGTEST, stock code: 002967) was established in 1964 and registered in the SME Board on November 8, 2019.

It is the first listed enterprise in the Guangzhou Municipal State-owned Assets System in 2019 and the third A-share listed company under Guangzhou Radio Group.

The company's technical service capabilities have expanded from providing a single measurement and calibration service in 2002 to comprehensive technical services such as instrument measurement and calibration, product testing and certification, technical consultation and training, including measurement and calibration, reliability and environmental testing, and electromagnetic compatibility testing. The scale of social services for business lines ranks among the top in the industry.


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