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  • GRGTEST won the title of quality supplier of automotive grade chip in 2023 by Gaishi Automobile

    With its leading technical capabilities, strong industry influence and important contribution to promoting the verification of automotive electronic components in China, GRGTEST was invited to participate in the conference and awarded the honorary title of “high-quality supplier of automoti...
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  • GRGTEST won the China Automotive Chip Conference 2023 Best Industrial ecological Cooperation Award

    China Automotive Chip Industry Innovation Strategic Alliance and core think tank jointly organized the 2023 China Automotive Chip Conference and China Automotive chip Industry Innovation Strategic Alliance General Conference was held in Changzhou. With its leading technical capability, strong ind...
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  • GRGTEST led the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology project,to build a first-class semiconductor industry testing service platform

    Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology organized and held the “2020 Industrial Technology Basic Public Service Platform – Public Service Platform Construction Project for Integrated Circuit and chip Industry (referred to as” Project “) ̶...
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  • GRGTEST was selected as the first batch of Wuxi national “core fire” double innovation base platform

    As the first batch of the only third-party technical service units, GRGTEST relying on its own construction of “test service (EMI/EMC test)” and “failure analysis and reliability (FIB analysis) service” successfully selected Wuxi national “core fire” double inn...
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  • Cooperation case GRGTEST helps IVCT complete the SiC power device vehicle gauge level verification

    Cooperation case GRGTEST helps IVCT complete the SiC power device vehicle gauge level verification

    Inventchip Technology Co., Ltd. (abbr: IVCT) provides one-stop “power conversion” solutions for SiC applications, including SiC power devices, gate drivers, controller ICs, and SiC power modules. SiC applications cover all aspects of electric power including generation, storage, trans...
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  • Cooperation case

    Cooperation case

    GRGTEST helps Wuxi XinDong semiconductor complete the reliability verification of AQG324 Based on the power semiconductor market, Wuxi XinDong-semi is deeply engaged in the automotive industry and energy field, committed to providing the market with safe, reliable and high-performance products, ...
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  • Cooperation case GRGTEST helps Adaps Photonics complete SiPM vehicle-grade level verification

    Cooperation case GRGTEST helps Adaps Photonics complete SiPM vehicle-grade level verification

    Single Photon Avalanche Diodes (SPADs) are core components of 3D perception in modern electronic devices, enabling smarter cars, phones, robots, autonomous control, and human-machine interaction. Established in 2018 to commercialize leading edge SPAD research, Adaps Photonics creates eyes for a s...
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  • PCBA strain test procedure

    PCBA strain test procedure

    PCBA strain measurement consists of placing a strain gauge near a specified component on a printed board, and then subjecting the printed board with the strain gauge to various tests, assemblies, and manual operations. According to the industry standard IPC_JEDEC-9704A, typical manufacturing step...
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  • Principle of PCBA strain testing

    Principle of PCBA strain testing

    By using the strain effect of metal conductors, the strain gage attached to PCBA can be quantified by the change of its own resistance value when PCBA deforms and becomes mechanically deformed. The quantified strain can be compared with the ultimate strain to determine the risk of PCBA deformatio...
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  • Why strain test PCBA?

    Why strain test PCBA?

    In order to adapt to the increasing international attention to environmental protection, PCBA changed from lead to lead free process, and applied new laminate materials, these changes will cause PCB electronic products solder joint performance changes. Because component solder joints are very sen...
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  • What are PCB and PCBA?

    Printed circuit board (Printed circuit board, referred to as PCB) is a substrate for assembling electronic parts, and is a printed board that forms point-to-point connections and printed components on a general substrate according to a predetermined design. The main function of PCB is to make a v...
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  • Q&A of ISO 26262 (Part Ⅲ)

    Q9: If the chip passes ISO 26262, but it still fails during use, can you give a failure report, similar to the 8D report of the vehicle regulations? A9: There is no necessary relationship between chip failure and failure of ISO 26262, and there are many reasons for chip failure, which may be int...
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