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Cable reliability testing and identification

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During the use of wires and cables, there often occurs a series of problems such as poor conductor conductivity, insulation performance, and product consistency, directly shortening the service life of relative products, and even endanger the safety of people and property.

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Service Introduction

GRGT has profound accumulation in wire and cable testing and identification, providing one-stop testing and identification services for wire and cable:

1. Match the most appropriate product verification standards according to the cable type and usage environment, and formulate a detailed quality verification plan;

2. Based on the results of the reliability test, the cable quality rating is carried out to provide a basis for the user's product selection;

3. Provide professional failure analysis services for cable products that fail on site to clarify the cause of cable failure and help customers improve quality.

Service Scope

High and low voltage wires and cables for rail transit locomotives;

High and low voltage wires and cables for fuel and new energy automotive;

Other wires and cables;

Test standards

● TB/T 1484.1: 3.6kV and below power and control cables for motor vehicles

● EN 50306-2: Single-core thin-walled cables for motor vehicles below 300V

● EN 50306-3: Single-core and multi-core thin-wall sheathed cables with shielding layer for motor vehicles

● EN 50306-4: Multi-core and multi-pair twisted standard thickness sheathed cables for motor vehicles

● EN 50264-2-1: Single-core cross-linked elastomer insulated wires for motor vehicles

● EN 50264-2-2: Multi-core cross-linked elastomer insulated cables for motor vehicles

● EN 50264-3-1: Small-sized single-core cross-linked elastomer insulated wires for motor vehicles

● EN 50264-3-2: Small-sized multi-core cross-linked elastomer insulated cables for motor vehicles

● ISO 6722-1, ISO6722-2, GB/T25085: 60/600V single-core wires for road vehicles

● QC/T 1037: High-voltage cables for road vehicles

Test items

Test type

Test items

size measurement

Insulation thickness, outer diameter, conductor pitch, conductor filament diameter

electrical properties

Conductor resistance, withstand voltage, dielectric strength, spark, insulation defect, insulation resistance, DC stability

physical and mechanical properties

Tensile properties, peel force, adhesion

High and low temperature resistance

Low temperature coiling, low temperature impact, thermal extension, thermal deformation, high temperature pressure, thermal shock, thermal shrinkage

Aging performance

Resistance to ozone, evanescent lamp aging, temperature and humidity changes

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