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ISO 26262 Functional safety Certification

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GRGT has established a complete ISO 26262 automotive functional safety training system, covering the software and hardware functional safety testing capabilities of IC products, and has the functional safety process and product certification review capabilities, which can guide relevant companies to establish a functional safety management system .

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With the acceleration of the automobiles development towards "electrification, networking, intelligence, and sharing", traditional mechanical control is increasingly dependent on complex control systems and control software, resulting in a high probability of system failure and random failure. Increase. In order to reduce unacceptable risks caused by functional failures of electrical and electronic (E/E) systems, the automotive industry has introduced the concept of functional safety. During the cycle, functional safety management is used to guide, standardize, and control the operation of related products, so as to help enterprises establish the ability to develop functional safety products.

Service Scope

● ISO 26262 is aimed at the electrical and electronic systems (E/E) of road vehicles, and makes the system reach an acceptable level of safety by adding safety mechanisms.

● ISO 26262 applies to safety-related systems of one or more E/E systems installed in passenger vehicles with a maximum weight not exceeding 3.5 tons.

● ISO26262 is the only E/E system that does not apply to special purpose vehicles designed for the disabled

● System development earlier than the publication date of ISO26262 is not within the requirements of the standard.

● ISO26262 has no requirements on the nominal performance of E/E systems, nor does it have any requirements on the functional performance standards of these systems.

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Service items

Certification services

System/Process Certification

certified product

Technology improvement training

ISO26262 standard training

Personnel qualification training

Testing service

Product Functional Safety Requirements Analysis

Basic failure rate analysis and calculation

FMEA and HAZOP analysis

Fault Injection Simulation

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