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GRGT establishes the first automotive wiring harness “Top Runner” group standard project in China

As the first automotive wiring harness group standard in China, <Quality Classification and Requirements of “Top Runner” Evaluation – Automotive Wiring Harness> has been officially issued. Led by GRGT, the edition project started in July, jointly carried out by China National Institute of Standardization, with Guangdong Connector Association and Guangdong Cable Association mobilizing leading enterprises in industry, assisting industry-related companies with improvement in the quality management system of automotive wiring harnesses and enhance the overall competitiveness of the market.

Based on the requirements in <Implementation Opinions on Manufacturing Reliability Improvement> released by five sectors including  Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and <Key Areas of the Enterprise Standard “Top Runner” Implementation: 2023 Perspective> from State Administration for Market Regulation, the group standard encourages the cooperation between leading enterprises and universities, and metrology institutions, the enhancement of construction in capabilities of reliability testing and certification, the promotion to the enterprises for the implementation in “Top Runner” standards, and the encouragement of joint participation in standard formulation and revision through enterprises, industry associations, and professional institutions.

With the rapid popularization in automobile electrification and intelligence, and the improvement of automobile reliability and safety in all aspects, the industry has put forward higher technical requirements for high- and low-voltage wiring harnesses, especially in audio and video application. Therefore, the formulation of the “Top Runner” standard evaluation requirements – automotive high- and low-voltage wiring harness standards will assist promoting enterprises in automotive wiring harness to improve quality in their products, encourage and guide them to formulate their own standards higher than recommended, and further guide third-party evaluations institutions to carry out their implementations to publish enterprise standard rankings and “Top runner” lists at the same time.

The group standard <Quality Classification and Requirements of “Top Runner” Evaluation – Automotive Wiring Harness> led by GRGT will establish a unified classification standard and quality management system of automotive wiring harness, to ensure that products meet relevant standards and regulations, assist OEMs in choosing automotive wiring harness suitable to their own requirements, protect the safety and rights of consumers, and promote enterprises in relevant industry to improve their reputation, competitiveness and market share.

In the future, GRGT will lay the foundation of standards, continuously improve the service layout of the automobile industry chain, effectively solve the issues of quality management, and promote automobile manufacturing industry to enter a higher level.

Post time: Aug-01-2023