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GRGT assisted InventChip with the certification completion of automotive-level SiC power devices

GRGT assisted InventChip Technology Co., Ltd. (InventChip) with the certification completion in a series of silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET products, implementing the power device products of InventChip on the final stage of their three-step strategy in designing, mass production and automotive-level certification.

Different from the general consumer product field, automotive electronic components are required to meet higher reliability standards. At present, however, domestically produced automotive power device products are generally stuck in the first indoor stage, requiring plenty of testing data for their certifications in quantity and reliability to gain the trust from the automotive manufacturers. In order to better solve several problems that occurred in application implementation of automotive-level electronic components technology, GRGT has the capability with the rapid deployment in the field of testing and analysis in automotive-level electronic components, becoming the domestic leading technical service institute for improving the quality and reliability of automotive-level electronic components.

Together with InventChip, GRGT has performed a series of items in testing and certification, including 1200V 160mΩ, 80mΩ, 50mΩ, 17mΩ SiC MOSFETs, 1200V 40A SiC diodes, SiC-specific adjacent drive TM chips and other products.

In order to assist InventChip with more professional, objective and efficient certification for the power devices and chip products, GRGT has designed and implemented a set of test solutions. Through objective testing and evaluation, GRGT has helped to verify the quality and reliability through objective testing and evaluation, further helping to develop product competitiveness, thereby better opening up the automotive market, and providing reliability data references for complete-automotive and first-tier suppliers.

For this reason, Zhang Yongxi, the founder and CEO of InventChip, said: “We’d be very grateful to GRGT for providing professional and efficient testing and certification technical support for our automotive-level products, assisting us with objective presentation of product reliability performance, and completing the automotive-level certifications for a series of products, including the 1200V 17mΩ SiC MOSFET with the highest technical threshold, which belongs to the high-level reliability, quality and performance product specially designed for automotive electronic requirements.”

Post time: Aug-01-2023