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Automotive Electronic and Electrical Reliability

Short Description:

Autonomous driving and the Internet of Vehicles have spawned more demand for electronic and electrical components. Automotive companies are required to attach electronic components to reliability insurance so as to further ensure the reliability of the whole automotive; at the same time, the market tends to be divided into two levels, the demand for electronic and electrical component’s reliability has become an important threshold for entering the supply chain of high-level parts suppliers and automotive companies.

Based on the automotive field, equipped with the advanced testing equipment and sufficient experiences in automotive testing, GRGT technology team has the capabilities to provide customers with complete environmental and durability testing services for electronic and electrical components.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Service Scope

Automotive electronic and electrical components: navigation, audio-visual entertainment systems, lights, cameras, reversing LiDARs, sensors, center speakers, etc.

Test standards:

● VW80000-2017 Test items, test conditions and test requirements for electrical and electronic components of automobiles below 3.5 tons

● GMW3172-2018 General Specification for Electrical/Electronic Components-Environment/Durability

● ISO16750-2010 Environmental conditions and test series for road vehicle electrical and electronic equipment

● GB/T28046-2011 Environmental conditions and test series for electrical and electronic equipment of road vehicles

● JA3700-MH series passenger car electrical and electronic components technical specifications

Test items

Test type

Test items

Electrical stress test class

Overvoltage, Quiescent Current, Reverse Polarity, Jump Start, Sinusoidal Superimposed AC Voltage, Impulse Voltage, Interruption, Ground Offset, Overload, Battery Voltage Drop, Load Dump, Short Circuit, Starting Pulse, Cranking Pulse Capability and Durability, Switching battery lines, slowly lowering and raising supply voltage, etc.

Environmental Stress Test Class

High temperature aging, low temperature storage, high and low temperature shock, humidity and heat cycle, constant humidity and heat, rapid changes in temperature and humidity, salt spray, high accelerated stress, condensation, low air pressure, chemical resistance, vibration, temperature and humidity vibration three comprehensive tests, free fall, Mechanical shock, insertion force, elongation, GMW3191 connector test, etc.

Process quality evaluation class

Tin whisker growth, electromigration, corrosion, etc.

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